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Configure, monitor, and optimize your Pro-Sort system

Select Sort allows you to monitor and configure your Pro-Sort and Pro-Sort Touch scale heads from a central computer, significantly reducing labor input. With optional remote access, you can monitor multiple sites from virtually anywhere in the world.

Auto-sort Management System

Select Sort and the Pro-Sort Scale Heads make up the Auto-sort Management System, designed to enhance profits by providing tools for:

  • Maximizing scale use
  • Optimizing food court space
  • Optimizing feeding programs
  • Precisely marketing animals
Select Sort, Herd, and Rations relationship

Although Select Sort functions as a standalone module, it also enhances the Select Herd and Select Rations modules.

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Additional information

  • Auto-sort mode: sorts by weight group settings
  • H.U.I. mode: programmable splitting percentages keep food courts from being overcrowded or underused
  • Sort-curve mode: customizable industry-leading growth curves optimize food courts and feeding strategies to your growth model
  • Optional color detection and sorting: sorts painted animals according to special settings, using the Color Detector
  • Market sorting: sorts painted and/or weight-range animals according to special settings
  • Training mode: trains new animals to use the sorter
  • Automatic data collection
  • Market Forecaster: a powerful tool that predicts how many animals will fall within specified weight ranges on selected dates; helps you decide when to change rations or ship animals
  • Manual Control Viewer: quickly interact with and manually operate any scale head
  • Sort Summary Viewer: information about all sorters and their current market status
  • Programmable alarms: inform you about problems and potential overcrowding
  • Twelve informative reports: customizable, printable, and exportable
  • Interactive displays: easy to configure, monitor, and optimize your system
Settings Report
Lists the current or historical settings for a sorter.
Configuration Report
Lists the current or historical configuration for a sorter.
Standard Weight Variance Report
A chart and statistical summary that shows the weights for the date range, including the minimum, maximum, and average weights.
Directional Weight Variance Report
Shows the weights for the date range, including the directional and combined averages. Tables list daily and total summaries for hits and weight.
Time of Day Report
Shows how active your sorter is during each hour of the day.
Grid Weight Report
Shows the placement of all hits in relation to defined grid weights. Estimates the number of animals in the grid, as well as the revenues or losses associated with them.
Weight Distribution Report
A chart and statistical summary that shows the approximate number of animals at each weight and the standard deviations.
Daily Summary Report
A summary for each sorter, including total weight readings, minimum, maximum, and average weights, average daily gain, and more.
Basic Daily Report
Lists the settings and a weight group and gate direction summary.
Detailed Daily Report
A longer version of the Basic Daily Report that also includes a complete list of weight records.
Weight Records Report
A list of weights and IDs, sorted by date and time.
Market Sorting Report
The market sort settings, individual animal weights, and a summary of all animals that were sorted using the settings.
Market Forecaster Report
An estimate of how many animals will fall within different weight ranges over a date range—an excellent tool for predicting shipping dates.
Herd Size Report
Lists the changes in herd size and the reasons for those changes.
Pro-Sort Touch Scale Head


Pro-Sort Touch Scale Head

Pro-Sort Scale Head


Pro-Sort Scale Head