Controls, sensors, accessories, and more for different markets and applications

  • Ventilation controls
    Ventilation controls

    Controls that operate equipment such as:

    • Variable and single-speed fans
    • Gas and electric furnaces or heaters
    • Heat mats and lamps
    • Gas and electric heaters
    • Actuators for inlets or vents
    • Motors for curtains or awnings
    • Variable frequency drives
    • Equipment that can be switched on/off
  • Programmable lighting controls
    Programmable lighting controls

    Controls that operate lighting and related equipment, such as:

    • Incandescent lights and lamps
    • Dimmable fluorescent ballasts
    • Auxiliary equipment that can be switched on/off
  • Evaporative cooling controls
    Evaporative cooling controls

    Controls that operate equipment for direct or indirect evaporative cooling, such as:

    • Single-speed fans
    • Pumps
    • Sprinkler solenoids
  • Sensors and monitoring devices
    Sensors and monitoring devices

    Sensors that monitor and collect information about:

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Water usage and flow
    • Wind speed and direction
    • Rainfall
    • Static pressure
    • Dry-contact switch activity
  • Power supplies
    Power supplies

    AC and DC power suppliesfor a variety of applications

  • Communications products
    Communications products

    Products for communicating using different technologies and protocols

    • USB full-duplex RS485
    • RF wireless full-duplex RS485
    • 3G cellular/GSM/USB
  • Additional products and accessories
    Additional products and accessories

    Other products and accessories for a variety of different uses, including:

    • Visible and audible alarm devices
    • Weatherproof enclosures
    • Power contactor relays and units
    • Slave units for controls



Monitor and control temperatures in up to four separate zones.

Operate equipment such as fans, heaters, inlet actuators, and curtain machines.

Heat Mat Control


Control heat mats and heat lamps.

Configurable six-step growth curve

Automatic temperature-based control with one 20 amp variable stage



Easily and effectively control variable frequency drives.

Automatic temperature-based control using a variable 0 to 10 VDC signal output and disconnect relay.

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New product, the NVC-2!

The Natural Ventilation Control automatically controls temperature by operating a curtain machine and heater or furnace.


An optional Rain Sensor allows the NVC-2 to automatically close the curtains when it is raining.

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